Reliance Rail

Design & Manufacture

The trains have been designed and manufactured under a contract Reliance Rail has with the joint venture between DEDIR and Hitachi.

This project combines award-winning Australian rolling stock design from Downer EDI Rail with the best manufacturers of car components including Hitachi in Japan; Changchun Railway Vehicles Co in China (CRC), Knorr Bremse in Germany, EKE Electronics in Finland and OneSteel in Australia.

Final rail car manufacturing and fit-out at Downer EDI Rail’s facility in Cardiff, Australia integrates the imported major sub-system components, such as the traction, braking and train operating systems, with locally produced components and sub-assemblies, including the crew cabs.

Downer EDI Rail undertook the design of Sydney’s new train primarily out of its Granville head office in NSW.

They enlisted the following suppliers to provide major sub-systems for the new fleet:

  • CRC - body shell and partial fit out
  • Thales Australia - communications and surveillance
  • EKE Electronics - Train Information Systems
  • Sigma Coachair group - climate control
  • Hitachi - traction
  • Knorr Bremse - brakes and doors
  • Voith Turbo - couplers
  • Hubner - inter-car gangways
  • Miryung / BNG - stainless steel
  • Sydac - simulators