Reliance Rail


Downer EDI Rail PPP Maintenance Pty Ltd (a wholly-owned special purpose subsidiary of Downer EDI Rail) maintains the new fleet of trains on behalf of Reliance Rail for the life of the fleet. Operations include:

• Stabling, presentation cleaning and readiness certification of trains
• Supporting Sydney Trains field operations
• Scheduled and corrective maintenance of train sets
• Washing sets
• Graffiti removal and vandalism repair
• Wheel turning

Around 150 highly skilled personnel and around 10 apprentices are employed to support the Waratah fleet.

EDI Rail PPP Maintenance Pty Ltd uses Downer EDI Rail’s proven intelligent scheduled maintenance system, which automatically programs service activities as required throughout the life of the train in order to pre-empt issues and ensure maximum fleet reliability.

A team of maintenance support officers work alongside Sydney Trains’ operations staff to provide full time help desk support for the trains operating on the network. They analyse a train’s performance data and identify any corrective maintenance before it returns to the Auburn Maintenance Centre.

They are supported by a team of mobile technicians who attend to any maintenance incidents across the Sydney Trains network.

For scheduled maintenance at the centre, trains are maintained in a pit-stop style set-up during off-peak travel periods, to minimise disruption to passenger service.

Innovative maintenance equipment includes an advanced wheel conditioning monitoring system, which monitors the train’s wheels for safety and operational performance as it enters the train wash plant. The wash plant can wash the sides and ends of the train at the same time.