Reliance Rail

The Centre

A new purpose-built facility at Auburn in Sydney’s west began operations in 2010 and will be the maintenance centre for the new Waratah fleet for at least 30 years.

The $220 million design and construction project provided a significant economic boost to the Auburn community, employing about 250 people during the peak construction period in 2008.

The maintenance centre is located on Sydney Trains land adjacent to the existing MainTrain Facility between Auburn and Clyde Railway Stations. The site area extends about 2km in length and ranges between 100 and 300 metres wide. The maintenance building is about 200m long and 80m wide, including 1,600 square metres of office and amenities space.

It consists of seven maintenance roads with capacity for 1,000 cars, an automatic train wash plant, and an under floor wheel profiling lathe.

Reliance Rail contracted with Downer EDI Rail to design, construct and operate the Auburn Service Centre for Sydney Trains as part of the PPP project.